Admin Rights
Create a New Category
Create a New Sub-category
Merge and Rename User-created Categories
Nest User-created Categories
Convert to a Stand-alone Category
Categories Management
Updated on April 01, 2019

Admin Rights

We understand the number of documents and number of categories that you manage on our platform will inevitably grow. Without proper management, the sheer volume of documents might eventually clutter your search experience with increasing number of irrelevant results.

Admin users now have the ability to manage categories on a firm-wide level:

  • Create new categories and sub-categories
  • Perform full suite of actions: Create, Rename, Delete, Merge and Nest user-created categories (labelled 'USER-CREATED') of your firm's documents.
  • Rename default categories (not labelled and from the INTELLLEX category list)

For default categories, Admin users can only Rename or Create new sub-categories under the default category. The other options are limited to user-created categories either by the Admin user or other users.

admin rights 1

Create a New Category

Example: You want to create a new firm-wide category called ‘Battlestar Corp’ under ‘Client’ to tag all documents related to this client.

  1. Click on ‘Create new category’.

  2. Key in the client name and save it.

    new category 1

Create a New Sub-category

Example: You want to create a new sub-category call ‘Crypto’ under the legal concept ‘Technology’ so as to standardise the way all crypto-related documents will be categorised in the future.

  1. Click on ‘Options’ and select ‘Create a new sub-category’.
new sub category 1
  1. Type in the sub-category name ‘Crypto’ and save it. There are now 2 sub-categories under ‘Technology’.
new sub category 2
  1. You may create up to 3 levels of sub-categories, starting from the primary category ‘Technology’’ to the sub-category ‘Bitcoin’.
new sub category 2

Merge and Rename User-created Categories

Example: You are doing a clean-up of firm-wide categories and noticed that some user-created categories are the same, notwithstanding misspellings or slight differences in the naming. You want to merge and standardise the naming conventions for those categories.

  1. For example, you want to merge the categories ‘CAN’ and ‘Canadian’ and rename the category to ‘Canada’.
  2. For ‘CAN’, select ‘Options’, and then ‘Merge to...’.
merge and rename categories 1
  1. This will bring you to a page to select the destination category you want to merge to. Select the category ‘Canadian’.
merge and rename categories 2
  1. You will be brought to the next page to confirm the action. You will be prompted if there are documents tied to the ‘CAN’ category, which will be updated as ‘Canadian’ after merging.
  2. You may review the document(s) in question by clicking on the blue document number.
merge and rename categories 3
  1. This will launch a search in STACKS in a separate tab, with the documents under the search results.
merge and rename categories 4
  1. If you are certain you want to merge the category ‘CAN’ into ‘Canadian’, click on the blue button ‘Yes, merge these categories’. You will see that only the ‘Canadian’ category remains.
merge and rename categories 5
  1. To rename the category ‘Canadian’ to ‘Canada’, click on ‘Options’ and select ‘Rename’.
merge and rename categories 6
  1. It will prompt you that the two documents associated with ‘Canadian’ will have their category name changed. Click on the number of documents if you want to view them in a separate tab under STACKS search.
  2. Otherwise, just type the new category name ‘Canada’ and save it.
merge and rename categories 7 merge and rename categories 8

Nest User-created Categories

Example: One of your users created `Cargo abandoned by ‘shipper’ and ‘Cargo within the jurisdiction’ as separate categories. You want to Nest all 2 under the broad legal concept of ‘Cargo’, so as to improve knowledge discovery by other users.

  1. Click on ‘Options’ for the category ‘Cargo abandoned by shipper’ and select ‘Move under…’
nest categories 1
  1. You will be brought to a page to select the parent category. Either browse by alphabetical order or simply enter ‘Cargo’ in the search bar and select the right option from the suggestions.
  2. Click on ‘Cargo’ to select it as the parent category and you will be brought to the next page to confirm the action.
nest categories 2
  1. Click on the button ‘Yes, move these categories’ to proceed or you can go back, if you have selected the wrong parent category.
  2. Do the same (steps 1-4) to move ‘Cargo within the jurisdiction’ under ‘Cargo’ as well.
nest categories 3
  1. Now, ‘Cargo’ has both sub-categories nested under it.
nest categories 4

Convert to a Stand-alone Category

This function allows Admin Users to conveniently convert a user-created sub-category to a standalone category at the overarching level.

Example: You realised one of the users had accidentally filed a client ‘Trekkies Corp’ wrongly under another Client category ‘Battlestar Corp’

  1. Click on ‘Options’ to select ‘Convert to a stand-alone category’ for ‘Trekkies Corp’
stand alone category 1
  1. ‘Trekkies Corp’ is now a stand-alone category.
stand alone category 2