Boolean Search Operators
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Updated on April 13, 2022

Boolean Search Operators

INTELLLEX supports the following common operators:

““ Searches for documents that contain the exact phrase within the quotation marks.
AND Searches for documents that contain all of the provided keywords connected by AND.
E.g. searching “court of appeal” AND “costs only” returns results that contain both the exact phrase ‘court of appeal’ and the exact phrase ‘costs only’.
OR Searches for documents that contain at least one of the provided keywords.
E.g. searching contract OR agreement returns results which contain ‘contract’ or ‘agreement’ or both ‘contract’ and ‘agreement’.
NOT Searches for documents that do not contain keywords after NOT.
E.g. searching NOT estate returns results which do not contain ‘estate’.
AND NOT Note: Use AND NOT to connect search term(s) you want and the search term(s) to exclude.
E.g. searching "constructive trust" AND NOT remedial AND NOT impute returns results that contain the exact phrase ‘constructive trust’ and do not contain ‘remedial’ and do not contain ‘impute’.
~ Searches for documents that contain the provided keywords within a given proximity of each other and in the order specified .
E.g. "implied faith"~3 will return results that contain the word ‘faith’ within 3 words after ‘implied’.
Proximity search also works for 3 search terms.
E.g. "implied duty faith"~5 returns results that contain the words 'implied', 'duty' and 'faith' within 5 words of each other in that order.
Note: There should be no space between and ~ and the proximity value .
* Searches for documents that contain variations of the provided keyword.
E.g. negl* will return results that contain any of the following words: ‘neglect’, ‘negligence’, ‘negligent’, ‘negligently’, etc.
(     ) Operates on the provided query within the parentheses before executing on those outside of it.
E.g. ("constructive trust" OR "constructive trustee") AND director will return results with exact phrase ‘constructive trust’ and ‘director’ as well as results with exact phrase ‘constructive trustee’ and ‘director’


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Looking for resources within a specific time frame? Our filters help you identify the ones published within the past year, till those published within the past decade.

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